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SKRILLEX has quickly become king-of-the-ring, so to speak, when it comes to the electronic/dubstep scene. With close to 30 million YouTube views on his most popular tracks, Sonny Moore, A.K.A SKRILLEX, has gained more mainstream success than commercial artist’s trying to gain popularity. By implementing layered complexity and his own unique style, SKRILLEX has set the scene standard in 2o12.

Thanks to URB MAGAZINE, I found this gem. This is bad ass, these kids are almost spot on.
Thanks guys.



Mastodon: The Hunter is Approching

One word.
This progressive metal foursome, is one of the most acclaimed, and talented¬† in the game. These Atlanta, GA natives have put a heavy riff to anyone producing metal at this caliber. After the success their last studio album, “Crack the Skye“, they have tuned-up (or down, most likely) for their next highly-anticipated, full-length project, “The Hunter”. Check this video featuring the single, “Black Tongue“.

The Golden Rule: Timberlake, Samberg, Gaga

Since the world didn’t end on May 21,¬† 2011, go have a three-way.

One Review, two albums

Well, this is the third time I’ve tried to get this post up. Hopefully, with the grace if God, I can publish this without it being erased a third time.

You already know my eclectic taste for music may not cater to anyone but myself. But you’re here, so pay attention.
Once again, that Big Bang bastard, Aesop Rock, has become part of something special.
This time, teamed with fellow tour partner and former Def Jukie turned RhymeSayer, Rob Sonic.
The duo has come together, along with DJ Big Wiz, to create Hail Mary Mallon.
This highly anticipated debut album, “Are You Gonna Eat That?” was released May 3, by RhymeSayers Entertainment.
The 45 minute, 13 track masterpiece is packed with colorful punch lines, well-designed word play, and carries the familiar complexity of an Aesop and Rob project though detailed story lines, and hard-to-follow references.
For example see; *GARFIELD; also see; *SMOCK



“Are You Gonna Eat That?” is dedicated to Mary Mallon, an Irish immigrant who came to be known as, “Typhoid Mary”.
In the 1900’s she Mallon was believed to be the first “healthy” carrier of the Typhoid pathogen. To make matters worse, Mallon was employed by the food industry where she worked as a cook. Supposedly, she infected over 50 people, but refused to give blood samples and was eventually quarantined by the NYPD, and was forced to live out her days in solitude.What any of that has to do with Hail Mary Mallon, is a question for the ages.
But I’m sure Aes, Rob, and Wiz would want this to spread like wildfire
— er, I mean Typhoid.

For other pathogen, and virus-like characters see; GOBLIN

Tyler, the Creator: GOBLIN, XL Records

Wow, this guy is pissing everyone off. Yeah, maybe his raps are hate mongering, and more misogynistic than the GULLET REPORT,
written by the Distinguished Gentlemen of The Kappa Sigma Fraternity at USC. But really, give the kid a break.
It’s 2011, Bin Laden’s dead, D. Rose won the MVP, and Hail Mary Mallon was released. Life is good.
He may use the words “faggot” and “gay” too much, so what. Sue him.
For visual see; Yonkers

Tyler, the Creator is the front man of the alternative-rap group Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All
based in Los Angeles, Calif. Odd Future is the artists solo project, in which he explores more of a cult following.
I appreciate what he’s doing, here’s why:
1. It’s from the heart. You can’t write down horrific lyrics if you’re not feeling somewhat depressed. All the hate and emotional stress in GOBLIN is paired nicely with the wall he has built with a fuck-you attitude.
2. He’s a kid. At 2o-years-old I wish I could’ve been writing the shit. Traveling Europe, performing at Coachella. I’ve never even been to Europe.
3. All those pictures of kids after an OF show with smeared blood on their shirts and faces all have on thing in common, they’re smiling.

GOBLIN is great. I may sound as crazy and mislead as Tyler does, but I think there are aspect of this album
that would make anyone think twice about what to think about Odd Future.
Between all the cursing and self-pity, there are melodic breakdowns, clean transitions, and a well-devised rhyme scheme.
This album dares the audience to take a journey, because that’s the only way to receive the message.
Listen to Nightmare, you’ll understand.
Ironically it’s become my favorite.
SPIN magazine gave GOBLIN 8/10, The New York Times had a few words to say about the kid too.

Bring Me The Horizon Dubstep Remix

TEK-one remix, Bring me the Horizon – ‘Sleep with one Eye Open’.